Premises and Vehicle Protection

Long-lasting protection for every part of your business

Z-71 Microbe Shield Fogging Solutions

No matter the business for whom we are supplying protection we follow a rigorous and methodical process, the provision of detailed risk assessments, method statements and pre-service ATP testing to establish base level cleanliness.

Our experience of working with Zoono products and expertise mean we focus on the key transmission points for viruses and bacteria, delivering an efficient and cost effective solution.

Our national team of staff are available seven days a week allowing us to fit in with the complexities of our clients production and logistical schedules, and our head office staff provide a high level of account management including a full suite of technical reports, on-going ATP test result and quarterly reporting.

Our Solutions

Our four weekly service package will give you year-round protection by applying a sanitising coating in your premises and fleet that not only kills current infections, but also stops reinfection for up to 30 days from application

Premises Protection

After a thorough audit of your requirements our team will visit and treat your site, focussing on key transmission points.  One hour after treatment you can re-access areas and use them as normal again.

Vehicle Protection

Our teams work quickly and safely through any fleet of vehicles, ensuring all key contact points are treated, helping to keep your drivers safe.


Risk Assessments

We will prepare risk assessments and method statements that are specific to your requirements

ATP Testing

Thorough ATP testing will be conducted prior to application to establish base levels of cleanliness


Our specialist team will visit your premises at a time suitable to you and your business


Effective against 100+ known pathogens

Long-lasting protection for up to 30 days

Safe alternative to hazardous disinfectants

Verified globally by over 100 laboratories

Safe to use in any environment

Prevents resistance and mutation into superbugs

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