Hand Sanitiser & Dispensers

Protect your employees and customers with our leading hand sanisiter solutions

Hand Sanitiser

We provide commercial dispenser solutions for Zoono hand sanitiser and the tools to communicate Zoono technology to team members and customers.

Zoono's hand sanitiser forms an antibacterial shield that bonds to skin and is effective against 99.9% of bacteria and a broad range of pathogens, helping to keep hands hygienic for longer and effective for up to 24 hours.

Simply apply 3ml of product to clean hands and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands for 30 seconds, until dry. Apply product as required. We recommend Zoono is used in conjunction with routine hand hygiene procedures.

Sanitiser & Dispensers

Sanitiser Dispensers

We can supply automatic units that are free standing and battery powered to be placed anywhere within your premises

Branded Communication Boards

Our branded boards can help to increase visibility of the units and promote good hand hygiene for both employees and customers

Sanitiser Solution

We can also supply the solution directly in the following sizes to be used elsewhere in your premises: 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, and 5 litres



We will work with you to discover which products are suitable for your business


Orders are processed within 24 hours and lead times will be discussed with you based on your product selection


Our station solutions already come loaded with Zoono, saving your team time on delivery day

Our Dispensers and Branded Boards

Dispenser Stands

The standalone units are made from steel and powder coated with a white paint creating a hard finish which is more durable than conventional paints. Free Standing it requires no weighting down or fixing to the floor. Fully portable it can be placed in any flat location. The dispenser is automatic and therefore allows for contactless operation. The standalone unit can be custom branded. 4x C Battery powered, with 1000ml capacity tank for gels or liquids. 12 month warranty. Approx 137cm high x 34cm deep x 34cm wide.

Dispenser Boards

The boards are made from a brushed Aluminium composite with a polyethylene core. Perfect for fixing to a wall, they are a lightweight and rigid. They are finished with a high quality lacquer that guarantees a perfect surface for your branded artwork. They weather extremely well, with high UV resistance and excellent stability within a range of temperatures. It will not rust or crack and can be screwed to almost any surface safely and securely. Width 600mm x Height 400mm.

Sanitiser & Dispenser Benefits

Effective against 100+ known pathogens

Long-lasting protection for up to 24 hours

Alcohol-free and gentle to skin

Verified globally by over 100 laboratories

Safe to use in any environment

Prevents resistance and mutation into superbugs

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