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Envirotec Protect was created in 2020 specifically to help overcome the challenges that all businesses face in these challenging times, providing products and services that protect your employees and customers from the threat of Coronavirus and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

We deliver long-lasting sanitisation, surface protection and communication solutions, with particular expertise in supply chain, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors. Our treatments will help prevent your employees and customers from contracting Coronavirus on your premises and beyond.

Our solutions are backed using industry leading products and technologies  Zoono Technology.

Some of the reasons to choose us

Approved by Zoono

We're an Authorised Service Provider in the UK for Zoono Global, the leading product in the fight against pathogen risks

Qualified Team

Our technicians have passed our comprehensive training programme in the process of application for commercial premises and assets

ATP Testing

We conduct regular ATP testing with our fogging solutions to prove the effectiveness and protection offered by Zoono

National Capability

Our product and service teams operate nationally across the UK, ensuring we can offer full site protection

Quick Response Service

In addition to our periodic fogging solutions, we operate an emergency response service designed to treat confirmed infections in your business

Cost Effective

We operate a simple pricing structure that is based on the average size of your premises and the solutions your business requires

Our History

Envirotec Protect is the specialist anti-viral division of Envirotec Integrated Services, a fully integrated soft services organisation with more than thirty years of sector experience

Our Solutions

Hand Sanitiser

Our hand sanisiter solutions are designed to keep your employees and customers safe from surface transmissions risks, offering protection for up to 24 hours

Fogging Solutions

Our Z-71 solutions can protect your premises and fleet by applying a sanitising coating that not only kills current infections, but also stops reinfection within 30 days

Backed by Zoono

Our solutions are backed by leading products by Zoono Global, offering long-lasting protection on the skin and surfaces

Industries we support




Transport & Logistics

Food Service


Food Processing


Places of Worship


Do you know the difference between decontamination, disinfection, or deep cleaning?

Read through our FAQs to understand what methods of cleaning are needed to keep your business safe from pathogen risks

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