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We believe in ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone; customers, employees and suppliers, anyone who comes into contact with your business. Without people, a business is nothing and never has looking after them been more important. We believe in putting people first.

Zoono Hand Sanitiser

Our hand sanisiter solutions are designed to keep your employees and customers safe from transmissions risks with protection for up to 24 hours

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Premises Protection

Our Z-71 microbe shield solution provides full protection for your premises by applying a sanitising coating that kills infections and stops reinfection up to 30 days

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Vehicle Protection

The Z-71 microbe shield also provides full protection for your fleet and transport employees, guaranteeing safety no matter where they are for up to 30 days

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Authorised Service Provider

We're an Authorised Service Provider of Zoono Global in the UK, the leading product in the fight against pathogen risks

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30 Days Protection

Prevent Superbugs

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Envirotec Protect is the specialist anti-microbial division of Envirotec Integrated Services

We've been supporting our clients for over thirty years with solutions that maximise their environment and protects their business

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Our clients rely on us to keep their business, employees, and customers protected from pathogen risks with a proactive and evidence-based approach to decontamination.

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